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terapi ruqyah gangguan jin, rahim wanita, efek setelah ruqyah, penyakit stroke, cara menghilangkan sihir, santet, guna-guna

Terapi Ruqyah Rumah Sehat

Symptoms of Sihr, Jinn Possession

Hasil gambar untuk sihir
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Dear brothers and sisters,
The indications or symptoms of sihr, jinn interference, possessed that are often expressed are based on Islamic literatures and experience of senior roqies in curing their patients. That will be submitted here may be incomplete but in general can be used as a reference.

#The symptoms of sihr or jinn possession in the sleep state:

Often have dreaming of meeting dead people, both family and others.

Often having a scary dream

Dreaming meets an old man who gives an object; sometimes shaped fruit, turban, sharp weapons such as sword, stone ring or other objects

Often dreamed of falling from a height

Teeth often collide when sleeping like a rattle

Often dreamed of being in a watery environment, such as a river, pond or ocean

Often dreamed of encountering wild animals, like snakes, tigers and other animals that are not clear

Dreaming meets an unclear creature, like a human but has a tail and a horn.

Dream of wearing a wedding dress and married to someone who is not known

Dreaming is in a scary place like a grave

Dreaming like in a prison or jailed and in his awareness sometimes feel in such circumstances.

Often feel repulsive or overpowering

 #Simptoms of Sihr or black magic, Jinn possession in state of awake:

Feeling always emotional; little things can arouse anger

Feel like someone is following or noticing

Feeling able to see / hear / feel the appearance of spirits

Often goosebumps suddenly without thinking of anything before

Hearing strange noises, sometimes by calling his name

Smelling perfumes, incense or carrion smell that other people nearby do not smell it

Migraine headaches that often recure

Pain in a mobile body

Shortness of breath when performing the prayer or reciting the Qur'an.

Easy to stress

Excessive sexual appetite

Often tingling or burning sensations in the body for no apparent reason

Often get distractions when worshiping such as frequent drowsiness, yawning and forgetting rakaat in prayer.

Lazy worship, instantly tired and sleepy when reading the Qur'an

Chest often feels crowded when doing prayers or when reading the Qur'an

Have a very strong instinct

The back or shoulders are often heavy and (hot).

Always feel bad luck in life 

Blockage in life againts: marriage, work, money, relationship with family and others

Difficult match

Pain that the medical party always change his diagnosis can not even be detected with advanced medical devices.

Often twitches both in the eyes and in other parts of the body


Difficult to get a job or in search of sustenance

Always imagine a person's face and want to always meet (mahabbah magic, witchcraft)

Frequent conflicts within the household

The atmosphere of the house is hot

Husband feels hate wife and vice versa (Sihr Tafriq)
See article: The danger of dividing magic in a household (soon)

Those are some of the indications we often encounter in people who are getting jinn, Sihr or Black Magic.

If you feel there is one or more indications that you feel, you can do ruqya independently or can be consulted to a  Roqy closest to you or can also contact us for Professional Advice on Whatsapp /Telp. +6281317426708

Wallahu 'alam

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