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Terapi Ruqyah Rumah Sehat

The Causes of Jinn Possession

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Brothers and sisters,
After we understand the indications and traits of jinn disturbance, Jinn possession, then this time we will reveal some things that cause genie can enter into human body. Muhammad Rasulallah (may peace be upon him)   in a hadith has ever said that the demons of the genie type can and have the ability to enter the human body, as in the following al-hadith piece:

 إن الشيطان يجرى من الإنسان مجرى الدم

"Verily the devil infiltrated into the human body through his bloodstream" (Bukhari and Muslim).

Therefore, in guarding the cause of the Jinn possession and in order to be careful of its interminable disruption then we must know which path can be passed by jinn in order to enter the human body and hurt them, the paths are as follows:

1. Perform certain rituals in order to get the pseudo-excess advantages such as supernatural power, magic money, the loan from the supernatural bank, charisma, self-protection such as immune science, for acrobats like able to eat ships without injury, can walk on fire and the most commonly encountered are rituals to get wealth easily and instantly.  Those rituals are all dedicated for Jinn and Demons.

Included in this category is like people who do wirid excessively, the number until thousands, not the angels who come but the genie who apply for work as a guide.

2. Genetics or ancestral genes that enter the human body because of the covenant committed by the ancestors, either just to keep the so-called jin khodam or to be able to treat people or have a certain power that he never learned. Cases of children who can see ghostly apparitions can even communicate with them, in terms now referred to as indigo children; if sorted up to their ancestors among them usually have a covenant with the jinn, be it through instant aptitude in medicine, charisma, custody / protection or supernatural powers. Among them also have the ability to predict and have a strong instinct.

3. Jin falls in love with humans.

There are many cases that occur because of the fall of the love of jinn to humans, the genie who had been ordered to attack someone (magic) but changed who had intended to hurt so liked. Another case is a depressed mother because the family environment is less harmonious finally there are jinn who feel pity and even fall in love.  If you have ever dreamed of having sex with someone, and in other dreams he or she has come to approach you, walking hand in hand, be wary there may be a genie in love with you. They do not care whether you are married or not, when the jin loves and likes then he will pursue in his way.

4. Jinn attachment

Usually occurs in people who are somewhat vulnerable from the mental side, often daydreaming, easy depression or children who are still in a weak condition. It often happens when these people enter an area controlled by a single genie.

5. Sihr or Black Magic

Since the time of Prophet Solomon this magic exists already. Most used to harm people (Sihr Maridh) because of factors of revenge, hasad, want to control the treasure and others. Other types of magic such as tafriq magic (divide sihr) that has the target of separating married couples, please read "The danger of dividing magic in the household". There is more magic or pellet magic launched to lure the opposite sex . In Indonesia there is a kind of magic called gendam, which can cause a person to lose his consciousness and can be commanded at will, to master the minds of others, even to be told to do anything will be done

6. Because exposed 'ain.

'Ain this hasad occurs when one sees the other and even the brave with the view of hasad, malice followed by the devil, so the devil enters the body of man through the view of the hasad of others. People who are seen can then fall ill.

7.  Humans accidentally harm the jinn
Jinn is a visible astral creature, so sometimes there are humans who accidentally spilled hot water about the jinn, then the genies of revenge by mastering and harming humans back.

8. Jinn is a creature of God whose life is like a human, among them there is good and many are fad and evil. Among the evil is sometimes fun to interfere with the good humans by entering into possession or by hurting the body.

9. Jinn enters into humans body because of anger, sadness, and excessive joy.

Wallahu a'lam

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